Friday, March 14, 2014

Work Week Wrap-Up

Another work week wrapping up and another weekend to look forward to! This one promises to be MUCH busier than last with two wedding celebrations, a friend visiting and lots of spring cleaning/organizing that has piled up. 
This week I have been exploring a lot of new blogs and have linked up to We Took The Road Less Traveled's Fresh Face Friday Blog Hop. I love finding new blogs to follow and I hope to add a few to my feed from this blog hop!
We Took the Road Less Traveled

I've also been getting more and more exciting for my upcoming trip to England. Still a ways away but as of Monday, only 6.5 weeks left at my job! I have decided that I want to invest in a nice camera to have for my Africa trip and I want to purchase it before I go to England so I can have the whole summer to learn how to use it. The one I am leaning towards is the Canon SL1 but if anyone has any other suggestions they would be much appreciated! I am looking for something I can learn on but still fairly easy to use and moderately compact.

Also super excited that it is Pi Day today! I've always been a bit of a math nerd and even have some ink of the greek symbol!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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