Monday, March 10, 2014


Since committing to my trip to Kenya I have definitely felt a really strong urge to travel and explore more. While I still don't know what's in store for me when I return in October I want to make sure I make a goal of traveling as much as possible and to as many new places as possible. I grew up traveling a lot and over the years I have gone through phases of taking it for granted to phases of wishing I was a kid again and could just pack up and travel with my family whenever I pleased. Lately I've come to a more adult understanding, I know I won't be able to travel as much as I would like but I can still do quite a bit, especially this summer when I will be temping and have a flexible schedule!!
In the meantime, I am pretty much obsessed with my trip to Kenya (even though it is 6 months away) and have already started planning and looking at flights. This is especially excited because it looks like I will be able to spend a day or so in Dubai on my way there! I studied Arabic in college for two years and since then have really wanted to travel to an Arabic speaking country so I am super excited for my first trip! The best flight option to Nairobi had a 15-hour layover in Dubai so I decided to just leave a day earlier an spend a whole day there!
This will be AMAZING!!!!
Looks like 2014 is going to be a more amazing year than I could have imagined!!!


  1. This will be an amazing experience!

    1. I am so excited! I will make sure to document it well on the blog:)