Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring is Here!

With the arrival of Spring I seem to be finding myself more and more tempted to purchase new clothes, accessories, etc. Really trying to hold off on this as I only have three more paychecks before my trip to England! One thing that has been doing wonders for curbing my impulse to shop has been doing some thorough purging and organizing of what I already own.
My closet is definitely a bit more cluttered than this...
I definitely have a hoarding bone in my body as I always seem to accumulate so much clutter and excess everything. I did one round of closet clean-out the weekend before last and have a WHOLE laundry basket of stuff to get rid of!!! I am planning on taking the first loan of this to the consignment store either tomorrow or Monday to try and score some extra cash. My father offered to buy me the camera I want for a (super) early birthday present so now my goal is to save up for a new laptop since mine is so old it will no longer sync with my phone or store photos.

So, although all those Spring arrivals look awfully tempting I am holding back for the greater good. I can always buy a floral dress next year! I have really been focusing lately on making purchases that will effect me more long-term rather than just buying new clothes which seem more short-term to me. Right now the two things I have on my "To Save For" list are the Lo & Sons OG Bag (been lusting after this for a while and it will definitely get a lot of use with all the travel I have planned!) and either a MacBook Air or MacBook Prol anyone have any suggestions on which one I should go with??

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In lieu of shopping I have been spending more time reading and watching TV, as well as spending time with my hubby and our awesome lab puppy of course. I just started watching The Voice for the first time (thank you Hulu+) and I am LOVING it!!! I am still on the blind auditions but the coaches are all so funny when they are "fighting" for someone! Shakira is surprisingly funny but I think I am leaning towards Team Usher as of now...
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