Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Shopping Problems

Well, I did it again guys. I felt so good about my limited shopping on Friday but then I won one of the Super Bowl pots over the weekend and cancelled a trip to Vegas and had a few not-so-great days and saw some great items on sale on Hautelook get the picture.

I did get one more item from my shopping list, a new pair of brown riding style boots. The ones I currently have are about 7 years old and have been through thick and thin with me. I obviously get a lot of use out of them so I feel like the purchase was a good investment.

I also got a cute sweater and some works pants. I actually carefully sifted through what was in my cart and cut it down pretty drastically.

Even though I feel fine with these last purchases I also feel like I want to continue to be very careful about my spending. I booked a very exciting plane ticket yesterday for a trip I really need to save for. So, new more shopping until May! And lots of closet weeding out. I honestly don't think I'll have much trouble with this goal but we shall see how it goes!

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