Friday, February 13, 2015

Last Minute Valentine's Day Tips

I've always enjoyed Valentine's Day. While I don't really think of it as a "big" holiday and I would much rather receive flowers or go on a date just because it is always fun to celebrate love with someone that you care about. That being said, there are some years (like this one for me) where nothing ever gets planned and you end up needing to throw something together at the last minute. We ladies get pretty lucky here because it is usually up to the guys to have something ready to surprise us with. If you think your man has fallen into this unprepared category, worry not for today I am pairing up with Man Crates to create a "date crate" of items to help your man provide you with the perfect date!

Man Crates is a really neat company that creates gift "baskets" for men. The cool thing about these baskets is that they come packaged in a crate that needs to be opened with a crowbar! I don't know about you but I always struggle to wrap gifts for guys without making them way too pretty or girly. Man Crates are an awesome gift for significant others or just guy friends but their newest product, the Date Crate, is especially clever as it is filled with items to help your guy take you on a romantic date. Here are my top 5 picks for a "Last Minute Date Crate"!

1. Recipe Book- Missed out on all the good restaurant reservations? No problem! A home-cooked meal is so much more romantic anyway. Light some candles and enjoy each others company without having to shout over the noise of a crowded restaurant. Whatever you do, please don't resort to a fast-food restaurant like an ex of mine once did.

2. Good Movie - Snuggle up on the couch with a good movie after dinner. When Harry Met Sally  is a great choice that both of you will find entertaining.

3. Sweets - Can't celebrate Valentine's Day without some chocolate! Chocolate-Covered Strawberries are my favorite treat - Bonus! These can also be made at home!

4. Flowers - Another Valentine's Day (or any day...) essential. No boring roses though please! Drop some hints on what your favorite flower is so he can stand out even more.

5. Nice Attire - I know you're not going to the Opera or anything but you will be hard-pressed to find a lady who doesn't enjoy getting dressed up. Some guys need some help in this department (I once had a date show up in a Batman tee shirt...) but most guys should own some dress pants and a button-up shirt or sweater.

What else would you include in your "Date Crate"? Be sure to check out Man Crates for the perfect manly gift!

Note: I was not compensated by Man Crates for this post. All opinions are my own.

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