Thursday, November 20, 2014

Job Searching - Part I

I've mentioned a few times that I just started a new job (LOVE it!) but I haven't talked at all about how I got my job or how I prepared for my interview (crucial). I spent a couple months off-and-on searching for jobs and I have to say, I had forgotten how tiring and stressful the search can be! I know that job searching is a big part of life for most 20-somethings so I wanted to do a series of posts on different aspects of it. I know I spent a good amount of hours scouring blogs and articles for all kinds of tips from updating my resume to what to wear to the interview.
If there is anything specific you want to know about, let me know!

To start off, I like to research companies in my area that I think seem interesting or fun to work for and see if they have any openings in my field. I know that it seems like "fun" should not be a part of the job search but I cannot stress enough how important it is to enjoy your workplace and what you do. I have worked at jobs where I didn't enjoy one or the other (or both...) and it just did not work out. There are things you can sacrifice short-term but if you are looking for a long-term job you need to be a bit picky to make sure that you will enjoy what you do, and where you work, for years to come.

I highly recommend signing up with a temp agency (OfficeTeam is my favorite). This is especially important if you are not currently working as they can find temporary jobs for you so you can earn some money while you are looking. In my opinion it is very important to have a good relationship with an agency because they often come across temp-to-hire or even direct hire positions and they will do all the work of marketing you and presenting you for the position. They will often coach you with tips for the interview which is hugely helpful because they really know what hiring managers are looking for.

While the temp agency will help you to make you resume as presentable as possible, it is also important to work on this on your own before meeting with them. I am going to do a full post on resume writing but some critical points to keep in mind are that your resume should be simple and succinct, you should have no more than two pages and should keep the design fairly classic and elegant unless you are applying for jobs in a creative field (even then, I wouldn't go to over-the-top with this.) Remember, your resume is just to get your foot in the door, you don't want to show up to your interview and have nothing to add to what is on the paper!

Stay tuned for Part II of my Job Searching series!

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