Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Still Plugging Along

Well, not much has changed as of yet. Work has still been insanely busy and probably will continue to be more or less until mid-April (tax day).I am still not quite ready to share my big news but I promise, it is coming!

So far this year I have really been struggling to keep organized, I haven't even had time to make my daily to-do lists! Things should be calming down a bit starting next week and I really want to use the brief calm to get a handle on things, both at work and at home. I have laundry that needs to be put away, clothes to get rid of, etc. One thing I have been feeling really about is my finances, well about my organization of them at least. The end of the year left me with a lot of big bills from travel, medical expenses, and vet bills and I am working diligently to get them all paid off. One of my resolutions was to be more in charge of my finances though and I feel like I have been doing well. I signed up for the free version of LearnVest and it has a wonderful budget tracking system that I am loving.

A big change for me budget-wise, is that I am trying to keep shopping to a minimal, at least for now. This hasn't been too difficult so far, especially since I have gotten some great new-to-me dresses from a friend! I do enjoy following along with many style blogs though so it is interesting to try to use ideas and remix what I already have.

Do you have any organizational tips to share?

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