Friday, September 5, 2014

What I Pack In My Carry On Bag

With all of the traveling I've been doing over the summer it has started to feel like I am constantly unpacking and repacking my suitcase. I'm honestly not the best packer, I always end up bringing way too much stuff and then I never feel like wearing half of it. One thing I am good at though is packing my carry on. I thought I would share what went in my bag this past weekend on my trip to Orlando!

1. Cute Bag - I usually bring a large Longchamp tote or a cute backpack. I pack my essentials from my purse in this and pack a small crossbody in my checked bag.

2. Reading Material - I rarely have time to read magazines at home so I keep a pile of unread ones to choose from when I travel. I always bring two good books, one in my carry on and one in my checked bag in case I finish the first.

3. iPad - I'm pretty sure this is a travel necessity for everyone. I don't like to read on my iPad (I love real books way too much) but I keep mine stocked with my favorite TV show (Inbetweeners), a few movies (I'm always in the mood for Marley & Me), and, of course, plenty of games. 

4. Make-Up Bag - I try to minimize my make-up for traveling and just bring the basics and a small eyeshadow palette. 

5. Notebook/Journal - I'm big on list-making and would rather jot things down on paper than my phone so I always bring at least one notebook with me wherever I go. Plus you never know when someone might suggest an amazing restaurant to try or museum/park to check out!

6. Chargers & Cables - I keep anything electronics related in here and always carry it on it case my bag gets lost.

7. Small Pouch - This has a random mix of little things I like to always have on hand - metro cards, Advil, Chapstick, hand lotion, etc.

8. Wallet - Obviously.

What are your travel essentials? Any favorite movies or tv shows for long trips?


  1. Such a good list! Lovely blog:) xo, Hayley

    1. Thanks Hayley! I look forward to checking out your blog!


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    1. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the post:)