101 in 1001

Start: March 19th, 2014
End: December 14th, 2016
Progress: 8/100

1. Start (and follow) a good skincare routine. Read about it here!
2. Compete at a horse trials (hopefully with Gatsby).
3. Jump with Baby Kanye!
4. Volunteer at an orphanage.
5. Re-read The Great Gatsby.
6. Get a Harry Potter themed tattoo.
7. Finish knitting a baby blanket.  No photos but I made this one for my nephew, Wilfred!
8. Knit something new.
9. Do seasonal closet clean-outs.(Spring 2014, Summer 2014)
10. Own a Louis Vuitton handbag.
11. Finish Harry Potter & the Sorceror's Stone, in Arabic.
12. Make 10 DIY projects.
13. Learn how to use my new camera.
14. Read for 30 minutes before bed every night for 2 weeks.
15. Read 30 new books (6/30 - Xenocide, The Shock of the Fall, The 100-year-old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared, Perfect, Gone Girl, The Lovely Bones)
16. Create a photo-book of our wedding.
17. Wake up at 6:00am every day for 2 weeks.
18. Go one month without shopping three separate times.
19. Learn how to drive manual.
20. Gift a handmade birthday present.
21. Whiten my teeth.
22. Keep my car clean for two months.
23. Paint my nails once a week for a month.
24. Have a reunion with my college roommates.
25. Have a conversation in Arabic.
26. Attend a live Ted talk.
27. Listen to/watch a short Ted talk every morning for two weeks.
28. Visit Robyn at least every other week.
29. Buy a curling iron and learn how to use it.
30. Organize my Pinterest boards.
31. Visit the Library once a month. If I am not in town visit the library wherever I am!
32. Organize bookshelf by color.
33. Order custom stationery.
34. Decorate our room and keep it clean!
35. Keep daily to-do lists for at least one month.
36. Find and frame my UCSB diploma.
37. Unsubscribe from all the junk emails I get.
38. Start sewing a quilt.
39. Take a math class through an online University.

40.Complete the 30-day Bikram Yoga Challenge.
41. Complete a 30-day squat challenge.
42. Complete a 30-day plank challenge.
43. Swim laps 3 days a week for one month.
44. Hike to the knoll 5 days/week with Sirius for one month.
45. Take a dance class.
46. Stretch every day for one month and see how close I can get to the splits.
47. Do a handstand.
48. Drink only water for two weeks.

49. Transfer $20 to my savings for every goal accomplished.
50. Keep my budget updated for a year.
51. Pay off all credit card debt.
52. Open a airline miles credit card.
53. Open a retirement account and start automatic deposits.
54. Once I start working again, set up monthly deposits to my savings.
55. Pay off wedding debt.

56. Visit 3 new countries. (1/3 - Montenegro 8/14)
57. Visit NYC in the snow.
58. Visit the Oxford Christmas market.
59. Take a trip on the real Hogwarts Express in Scotland.
60. Go to a music festival in another country. (Isle of Wight Festival 2014)
61. Visit somewhere new in the US.
62. See West Ham play at Upton Park. (West Ham v Tottenham 8/16/14)
63. Take a solo trip.
64. Go on safari.
65. Visit my friends in Northern California.
66. Visit the expanded Wizarding World of Harry Potter. (8/30-9/2/14 SO AMAZING!)
67. Take a romantic trip to NYC or Chicago with George.
68. See a Broadway or West End play.
69. Start a charm bracelet with charms from all the places I travel to.
70. Spend a weekend in LA with Marie.
71. Stay at the Macdonald Randolph Hotel in Oxford.
72. Go charity shopping with Emily. (August 2014 in Newport)
73. Spectate at a **** Horse Trials.  (Badminton 2014)
74. Go to the races at Santa Anita.
75. See Bad Religion perform outside of LA.

76. Take the GRE.
77. Get into grad school.
78. Get a job in marketing.
79. Take the GMAT.
80. Attend an SBYPC event.
81. Get a raise/promotion.
82. Update my LinkedIn profile.

83. Take a photography class.
84. Take a web design class.
85. Redesign this blog on my own.
86. Get my own domain for the blog.
87. Reach 100 followers on this blog.
88. Get a new computer. (MacBook Pro 4/14)
89. Learn photoshop.
90. Set up an at-home workspace.
91. Get my first blog sponsor.
92. Do 10 OOTD posts.
93. Start a weekly blog series.
94. Write a Santa Barbara city guide.
95. Attend a blogger conference.
96. Create a consistent blogging schedule.
97. Figure out Twitter and use it for the blog.
98. Meet 5 blogger friends.
99. Host a blog giveaway.
100. Be featured as a guest blogger.
101. Blog everyday for a month.

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